TRS 53: NPH Hosts the Oscars & David Did What?!


Our take on NPH hosting the Oscars and fan favorite Randumb game, David Did What (spoiler alert: Beth is still terrible at it).  Plus, Beth's grandma continues to give up hope.

TRS 52: Price is Ruining Beth’s Life & Iron Man 4


The Randumb game of the week all about the new Primetime shows, how Price and Deal are negatively effecting Beth's life and Iron Man 4.

TRS 51: Streisand Abuses Chris Brown & Beth’s Birthday


Our top 3 shows of the fall, Barbara Steisand beats up Chris Brown, a game all about Beth and her birthday tears.

TRS 50: 50th Podcastversary


Beth compromises her morals again, Mike gives the lowdown on the new show Utopia and a game celebrating 50 podcasts of excellence.  

TRS 49: Celeb Photo Scandal, Cee Lo Said What, and Tipsy Beth


Celeb nude photo scandal, Cee Lo Green said what, tipsy Beth plays Twit or Tweet and Lohan's lawsuit.

TRS 48: Full House Reboot, Beth’s Grandma Gives Up & Emmy Wrap Up


The Full House reboot, Beth's grandma gives up on her and THE definitive Primetime Emmy wrap up.

TRS 47: Emmy News & Beth Books a Commercial


A news round up including full Emmy coverage, Katherine Heigl drama, and Craig Ferguson's new daytime/late night show.  Plus, Beth books a commercial... will she compromise her morals again???

TRS 46: Beth’s Elf Adventures and Mike’s Take on Short Shorts


Beth recounts her elf adventures, Mike takes a stand against short shorts and Beth fails at the newest Randumb game of the week.

TRS 45: George Gray Plays a Game & Beth Can’t Say No


TPIR's George Gray stops by to play the Randumb game of the week, Freddie Prinze Jr's attack on Keifer and Mike teaches Beth how to say no.

TRS 44: 50 Shades of Beth


50 Shades of Beth - how Beth's life closely mirrors the book and movie.  Plus, we turn Jason Biggs' twitter pain into a game.

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